SPOTTED: cool (kaleido) colour scheme

It is the cool colour scheme that I find very attractive.  Especially with the little green glass platter as a contrast. I did some searching on my own webshop and guess what ... I found these products (and even more) matching these colours. Very nice for my little office space at home. Or I might consider some of the products as a present for father's day as these colours are great for men's-office space-styling too!

Products: kaleido | house of money | wall hook | scissors | candleholder

Styling Anna Malmgren, photography Christopher Hunt.
I found the image initially on the blog of Bureau Knipoog.


SPOTTED in this month's VT Wonen

Found in this month's VT Wonen; These original cock rooster baskets are handmade and initially designed to catch a rooster with. But you can simply turn them into a scandinavian style looking lamp!
Although, that's what we did and it's in VT Wonen Magazine as well!

Natural, minimalistic, we are definitely in love, how about you?

Products:  NUD Collection Lightbulb   |   Cock Rooster basket   |   Paperpulp Vase

Photo's:  VT Wonen   |   Tumblr


Be Inspired by...

Finally it's spring! Go out and explore the world. Creativity is fueled by experiences, sights, sounds and smells. Sitting still won’t bring new ideas in; experimenting and trying new things will jog your creativity.

Still having the same interior for years? Now is the time to change things. With just a few items you can give your living room / kitchen / bed room a totally different look. It feels great to spice things up every once and a while...

So go on! And indulge yourself. And, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at: info@designlemonade.com

Products:  Lup candle  | Happy Boat Concrete lamp by Renate Vos  | Waiter tray Star

Photo's:  A Merry Mishap, Tumblr



Lie down, close your eyes and feel gravity decrease instantly. Houston, we have lift off!

Buy it here: Astronaut SNURK



This new trend comes with a bold, slightly retro vibe and is somewhat masculin. Use rich colors and natural materials, such as wood and cork and combine these with different kinds of succulents, also known as fat plants.

Products:  Poster Bug  |   Zep lamp |   Garden Rug   |  Carnivore Vase

Photo's: Freshflowersahead.tumblr.com


SPOTTED : pure beauty

Spotted in Ariadne nr. 3 march 2013: The pure beauty of wood mixed with soft, creamy tones. giving your room that serene calmness.

Products :   Wooly vase  |   tealight on cork  |   cushion Dot Steelcut

Photography: Rolinda Windhorst

Styling : Fleur Spronk



Just arrived in our shop : Dutch design brand KIDSONROOF!

Kidsonroof was established in 2005 by Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin. Together with their 3 kids and their friends they manage a permanent testlab where new ideas keep coming up.

They wish to re-connect modern life with nature, rediscovering basic values. Kidsonroof offers an ecological approach to the act of playing. Stimulating creativity and imagination lies at the heart of Kidsonroofs products.

Products :  Casa Cabana  |  Trojan Horse  |  Cocorico Cooker


INSPIRATION: Black vs White

DesignLemonade simply hearts black and white interiors!

Designing a room with an absence of color gives you the extensive freedom to play around with complimenting items and accessories, using a wild range of shapes, textures and patterns.

Try adding a touch of greenery with a small plant or a collection of flowers to keep the space from feeling cold and uninviting. A white wall makes the perfect backdrop for a beautiful piece of art. Create a focal wall of family photos or use it to display a stand out painting. 

Products: Wire basket  |  basket Triangle  |  candle holder Lup black  |  Honeycomb 

Photos: My scandinavian home  |  Emmas design


INSPIRATION: simple beauty

Feel the need for simplicity. For air to breathe. A Simple glance reveals the serenity.

Products: pillowcase twirre  |  house of money  |  geometry vase

Photo's: Fantastic Frank  |  Fresh Flowers Ahead